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When Perez Hilton, the American king of bright colours, launched Perezitos, a new blog devoted to celebrities’ children, it became clear that they sparked as much interest as their parents. Children, that before remained outside the attention of the press, are now shown with no hang ups. Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter, has become a style phenomenon online from a very early age and even has a blog devoted to her outfits. Her miniature high heels have created a trend. After the child actress from Mad Men appeared on a ‘best dressed’ ranking, the blogger Di por Dior asked herself: “I need somebody to explain to me what goes through someone’s mind when they consider that a 12 year old girl can be in a list of the best dressed ‘women’ of the week, no matter how very Miu Miu her dress may be. Seriously. I don’t get it.” You might feel the same perplexity when you visit blogs like Bambino Street Style and come across kids like Aila, Alexander Wang’s niece dressed with the latest fashion. But she is not the only one, once you start surfing, disturbing miniature versions of the most elaborate street styles start to pop up – never without their expensive miniature accessories.

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